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Who we are

Marie Illingworth

Due to a complicated rift in my family, I spent until the 4th grade living in Western Heights, 5 Points, and Burlington.

Thanks to my grandparents, I was later given every opportunity and had the best role models a young person could ask for. My grandfather was my first life mentor... a man who saw the best in everyone, genuinely believed in the golden rule, and didn't just talk the talk, but walked the walk. My memories of him are like a giant bubble of hope, love, and sunlight that he selflessly passed on to me. My biggest hope is that I can share that bubble of hope, love, and sunlight with the kids in the community the way he did with me when I needed it most.

I raised three kids as a divorced, self employed IT professional. When my children were grown, I knew I had to go back to where I started. I helped start the community garden in 5 Points with a group called OCO in 2016,
which is where Ngina and I met and realized we were very much of a like mind when it came to the kids in the community.

I’m giving back the things I know helped me as a young person, and books were always front and center of that. They were a survival tool and doorway to a whole world I could never have dreamed of without them.

I am thankful every day for mine and Ngina's chance meeting in that garden and all we are able to do together with our individual backgrounds, skills, and life experiences.

Ngina Blair

Hi, my name is Ngina. I have been living in the 5 point community for over 40 something years. I love my community and that’s why I stay involved.

I first got involved in the community when I was on the resident association board for Walter P Taylor Homes which is now called 5 points. I am also a member of 5 Points Taylor Homecoming Committee.

So let’s talk about when I meet Marie and we decided to bring a library and books to the community.

I meet Marie when I was involved with OCO and the community garden. Ever since we been friends. I thought it was a great idea to have a Little Library in the community because it give not only kids something to read but us all.

Instead of picking up guns pick up a book.